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I'm Hatsy - art enthusiast, globe trotter + lover of fine tea.  I have a small cartoon and a paper goods line.  I also make recipe cards and other cool things.  •  I send out a page from my quirky, hand drawn diary every few weeks, so tap or click  on the button below and leave your info to join my list.  You'll also receive a yummy, illustrated recipe from the Italian Riviera.  

Recipes From My Yaletown Loft  

is my illustrated e-Zine featuring five go-to recipes—all great for entertaining: Salmon with Beurre Blanc + Sorrel, Tomato Sauce for Pasta, a very tasty Oyster + Black Bean dish, plus a yummy Caesar Salad that will have your guests begging for more – and my delicious Roasted Veggie recipe that pairs with almost anything - chèvre, sausages, beans, etc.).

I can confirm that this Caesar Salad dressing is perfection ! 

- Krista, Toronto


Hatsy, you make the BEST pasta.

- Eric, Vancouver


We all love the Caesar Salad dressing !

- Claire, Vancouver


The roasted veggies are heavenly with spicy

Italian sausages. So delicious !!

- L.P., Vancouver

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