So how's your year been ?  I have a chirping bird living behind a wall in my  

condo, I met a friendly ghost, gifted etiquette lessons to a celebrity frenemy, and went on a date with Sourdough Boy – and it's all in my illustrated diaries. Tap or click the button below,  leave your contact info and I'll add you to my list. You'll also receive a free, beautifully illustrated pasta recipe from the Italian Riviera !        x Hatsy

Hello! I created Hatsy many moons ago, after spending a  few amazing, intense years working for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver – a major pivot for me as I had been absorbed in my art practice at the time, something I had begun to develop while still a student at Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design (ECU). 

This well-timed moment coincided with a need to pause and reflect on on my practice, and it presented an opportunity to work with a broader community here in Canada and with others around the globe. When it was over, I travelled, wrote, and made storyboards as a way to decompress.  And that is how Hatsy and this website came to be. 

Hatsy's cartoon stories usually begin in my own life but always find their way into her universe. Like me they are quirky, and made in the loose narrative style I use in all of my work. 

The story is a much longer one but here we are. I hope you enjoy perusing the site – and I'd love for you to get to know Hatsy through her illustrated diary.